A panel quilt

A gazillion years ago I purchased a whole bunch of fabric panels on a super sale. Fast forward to today… and I still haven’t done anything with any of those panels.

Now I find that what I originally intended for some of these panels won’t work, either because my tastes have changed or because I do not have any wall space for what I originally had planned to make into wall hangings. Or cushions.

Case in point, an RJR musical instrument panel:

I had originally planned on making cushion covers with this fabric, but my taste currently runs red and turquoise and gold. You see my problem, right?

And then I thought I know someone who is musically inclined who might appreciate this. It means incorporating these blocks into a bed size quilt. So I started to play around in EQ8 and came up with two possible quilts:

I normally prefer asymmetrical designs, but after some hemming and hawing settled on the second version, simply because it allowed me to work on a larger quilt. So I’ve spent a couple of afternoons happily sewing blocks.

And am now in the process of joining the blocks.

And wouldn’t you know it? There is one fabric that seemed to me would work while I was auditioning fabrics, but that I absolutely hate for this quilt. So I will have to sew a few new blocks…


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