Cities around the world by night

Ahh! I love good photography… such a wonderful art form! So I just had to share these beautiful pictures sent to me of night shots of some beautiful cities around the world… including my city!











OOOPS!!! Sorry… the lights went out! (The good news being – in theory – that there will be no more rationing as of Dec. 1st. Cross your fingers!)

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    Submitted by ipraragon on Wed, 11/25/2009 – 18:22. (Old blog)

    Hi, Angie & friends.
    I expect tuesdays with the same exciting you do for thursdays. The reason is, that on tuesdays I always visit your webpage to see what’s new, and I always find something to enjoy, specially your blog. The doves your friends are doing, are really wonderful. I promise to send you by e-mail the pics of some projects I’ve made with your patterns, and soon, the two “Country cups” quilts I’ve been making since january- one is for me and the other, for a beloved friend. They’re supossed to be ready before Xmas, so I’m running a little because I have some other projects to do.
    I hope you’ll have your light service ok by next week, it would be hard to work with that rationing. I wonder, what do you do with your freezers, and the food you have kept in them? Well, my best wishes to all.