Thanksgiving Thursday

Thanksgiving is not a holiday here in Ecuador. As a family, however, we do try to get together and celebrate this part of our heritage. Since it is a regular working day, we have found it best to have our Thanksgiving dinner in the evening.

So this Thursday we held our sewing circle as usual. I actually felt it was appropriate to do so, as I am particularly grateful for this wonderful group of friends. Three of them continue to work on their Dove projects:

Elena and I were finishing a couple of presents for our friend Mariangela… right under her nose! It turns out she and her husband are definitely returning to Italy to live. They will be back for short visits, but we will no longer be able to enjoy time with her in our sewing circle every week.

I finished a sewing caddy as my (early) Christmas present for her.

And Elena put a little fabric book together so we could all write short personal messages for Mariangela. I think she liked it. She is truly a special friend and we are really going to miss her!

In the evening, a small, quiet turkey dinner with family and a couple of “hybrid” friends like us! (-:

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