Autumn Wedding Quilt

Our good friends Jess and Charles (who have been Jamie’s home away from home this year whenever she needed a break from school) are getting married in the fall. And they have kindly accepted letting me make them a wedding quilt. They want it in autumn colors. And, in what I can see is a “young” trend these days, they prefer a contemporary design over traditional patchwork. So this is the design I have come up with and which Jess has approved.

While at our one and only LQS on Monday, I say they had brought new fabrics out. So OF COURSE I had to take advantage and purchase the fabrics for this quilt. Initially I had planned on using eight different fabrics. But it was hard limiting it to that number… so many pretty fabrics. So I thought… ten? Well, ok. Twelve fabrics should make it more interesting. So I naturally ended up buying fourteen. I mean, it will make it nicer this way, won’t it?

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