Lone Star Quilt

How old is your oldest UFO? Mine is over seven years old. And I’ve even thought of scrapping it several times. Mainly because of that dark blue fabric… I put the top together during my “blue” period. Everything I did was blue. At that time it wasn’t easy finding 100% cotton fabrics, so I had been collecting for a while, thinking about this quilt. But I just couldn’t find the right blue for it. So I ended up settling on some kind of polyester blend. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it actually has some give. The border was supposed to be the same fabric, but I ran out of it and when I went back for more it was sold out. And impossible to match. So it’s been stored all these years.

I still have at least six other UFOs, and I promised myself this would be the year to finish them all. I don’t know if I will actually make it by the end of year, but I’m sure going to try. The only new project I am allowing myself is Jess and Charles’ wedding quilt.

So this was the week to sandwich this quilt. And it’s going to take a while, because I’m going to hand quilt it. I decided to ready it in time for the Soccer World Cup (starts tomorrow), as there will be lots of time sitting in front of the TV set. Not that I can actually sew a lot if a game is particularly exciting. But there’s always half-time. So it will probably be months before this baby is finished, but here’s to a good start!

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