Another Thursday

Things seem to be happening really fast for me around here. Especially this last year with Jamie gone, I seem to have gotten used to a “quiet” groove, where I basically only had to take care of myself. So planning my days turned out to be pretty easy. With a full house between the kids and other visitors (not to mention all the World Cup soccer games that HAVE T be seen!), it seems that there is always something going on and things move so quickly I am barely able to keep up with everyone. And so… I even forget to take pics!

The one “quiet” morning in the midst of all the hustle and bustle is always Thursday, when our sewing circle gets together. I took a couple of pics, although forgot to do so of everybody’s projects, except for Bachita. She has finished appliquéing her owls, so we helped her sandwich and baste her project for hand quilting.

We still feel our friend Mariangela’s absence deeply. This week we were particularly concerned because she has been having some health issues. So we were happy to be able to connect with her on Skype and have her “sit” down with us again (via Skype) as we chatted. I am always amazed and grateful for this technology.

As usual, I don’t know what gets done more… sewing or eating! 🙂

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