Produce Market, Campus Tour, and a funny cart

My favorite cousin is in town for a few days visiting his dad, who just happens to be my favorite uncle. So the last couple of days have involved catching up… between soccer games. 🙂

We decided to meet yesterday at the university where Jamie studies. One of the purposes of my cousin Mark’s visit was to show a colleague of his around, as he will be relocating here early next year. And he is interested in job opportunities at this particular university. So, since Jamie needed to go down to take care of some paper work, we agreed to meet for lunch and a little tour of the school.

Before leaving, though, a small detour for Jamie to purchase some herbs. Julian took advantage to buy some humongous mangoes. I love the beautiful sights of the produce market:

Then down the valley again, to the town of Cumbayá, where the Universidad San Francisco de Quito is located. After a lovely lunch that included crêpes, salad, and the first half of the Spain-Portugal match, Jamie kindly gave us the tour of her university. Naturally, there had to be family portraits taken before the tour began…

Our tour started out by the pond, which marks the beginning of the meditation area. According to our gracious tour guide, this is an important landmark because this is where she usually eats her lunch and where she takes breaks between classes. Julian very graciously volunteered to pose for different shots throughout our entire visit…

This is a small campus, and the building style is certainly eclectic. The weather is wonderful pretty much all year round and the feel on this campus is of a cozy, friendly place.

After the tour Jamie handed in her paperwork and we parted ways from my uncle, cousin, and friend. Still one last stop on the way home to pick up a few groceries for our supper. At this particular supermarket we discovered they have these tiny little carts for kids to use. Julian immediately volunteered to push ours around. What a great idea! It sure kept this active little kid busy and out of trouble! 🙂

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