Afghans it is

After all the knitting/crocheting I did during 2010, by the end of the year I had accumulated quite a few small bits of different yarns. So had my friends in my sewing circle. So we decided our first activity together during 2011 would be to use up all these odds and ends and make afghans together.

(Side note: you will recall my camera died on Christmas Day. For the time being, Jamie has lent me hers until I can replace mine. And I still haven’t figured it out. So please forgive the quality of the photos… still trying to work out true colors!)

Our friend Bachita had found a new yarn store  a few weeks back – actually very close to my house, which makes it very convenient for me! So we decided on an outing last Thursday. Because in spite of the odds and ends we have, we all felt we needed just a couple more colors to complete our projects! And then we hurried back to start on our projects.

These are the leftover yarns I chose to work with.

And I figured I would use black (which I needed to purchase) to join my blocks. Naturally, while at the store I wondered if I shouldn’t add a couple more colors. And with what’s left over, I’ll have enough to start some other project. (What? I thought the whole purpose was to USE UP leftovers!)

Oh, no, oh no! What to do when you walk into a store with oh, so many different colors to choose from you just don’t know what to do? Well, of course you have to buy some more… for a rainy day. C’mon, at 90 cents a 150 gr skein of yarn, how can you NOT buy it? After all, at that price it is even easier to justify than buying fabric. Don’t you agree?

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    Oh, how I wish I knew how to crochet. People have tried to teach me and failed. I love your colours and your squares. Waiting patiently to see the finished afghan.