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Projects I like to work on

Colorful crochet

Quilting might be my first passion, but I also love to crochet and knit. It’s a relaxing evening activity while watching the news or enjoying a movie.

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Enough is enough

I learned to crochet at my grandmother’s knee when I was five years old.  Quilting is quite certainly my true passion… but I always seem to have some crochet project going on. In part because of that strong connection with my grandmother, in part because it is easy enough to pick up at any moment, […]

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A finished project

I didn’t really get a lot of sewing done during all of 2017. I’m hoping that will change this year. Having (finally) organized my new sewing studio will certainly help… I feel more motivated to start new projects.

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Just a little bit of handwork

I haven’t really done much sewing in the last few months. Besides following along the construction of the house, I have been spending a lot of time working ahead on projects for next year. (I hope you will enjoy what is coming!)

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Another cold day

Things haven’t changed much around here, have they? Another month gone by… and it is still wet and gray in this part of the world. This was – once again – the view this morning out of my bedroom window:

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Christmas sewing and knitting revealed

You will recall that during December there was very little I was able to share in the sewing/quilting/knitting department, as I was working on “top secret” Christmas presents. I am happy to say that not only was I able to make all the presents on my list, but I actually finished them on time, with […]

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Talking about knitting…

I really do like to knit. I find it more relaxing than sewing when done in the evenings, while watching a movie, because I don’t have to worry about lighting and can actually watch while keeping my fingers busy.

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Baby Cocoons

My oldest niece is expecting a baby girl in May. It’s been nearly a decade since there was a baby in the family (Julian, now 9+, is the youngest member), so it’s kind of exciting to think about a wee one after all these years.

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More finished afghans

My friends and I continue to work on crochet projects. Not during our Thursday meetings, but in the evenings, when the light isn’t the best for sewing, but good enough for knitting or crocheting.

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A finished afghan

At last I have finished my crocheted afghan. Actually, it’s not mine. It’s meant for Alexia’s room… to use whenever she’s here. Again, it certainly feels good to finish a project!

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How to wind yarn into a center pull ball

I learned to crochet at my Ecuadorean grandma’s knee when I was five. Knitting was something I started learning when I was eight, at the German school. Yep, we’re talking about near on five decades that I’ve been knitting and crocheting… off and on.

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A Half-Finished Afghan, Crocheted Squares, and Lots of Ideas

Our sewing circle met again yesterday. And it looks like everyone was thrilled with the new yarn shop we found, because we have all been working diligently on our afghan squares. Hmm… I wonder if the motivating factor could be that –once finished– we are all looking forward to returning to that shop for some […]

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Afghans it is

After all the knitting/crocheting I did during 2010, by the end of the year I had accumulated quite a few small bits of different yarns. So had my friends in my sewing circle. So we decided our first activity together during 2011 would be to use up all these odds and ends and make afghans […]

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