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Christmas Calendar Giveaway

I am a BIG Jacquie Lawson fan. And I know some of you are, too. If not… you just might enjoy visiting her website and checking out her e-cards and other goodies.

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Warm weather Christmas

Over the last couple of years I’ve had several website visitors request Christmas designs more suited to the geographical areas where they live. And I was finally able to make some time this year to do exactly that.

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Yep! I love to design!

Ok, so admittedly I wasn’t feeling ecstatic about my sewing accomplishments so far this year (it seems like so little as compared to how much I would like to do). So to cheer myself up I’ve done a little evaluating about what I have accomplished as a designer this year…

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Oh, oh… one more!

In case you were wondering why I would choose to make an inventory of accomplishments… no, it isn’t that I need pats on the back or that I’m in a funk about not doing enough. It’s just that I’m a somewhat structured person (ok, ok… just a little OCD) and I find it helpful to […]

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A year of accomplishments

Even though these weeks have been and continue to be about Christmas sewing, as we approach the end of the year my thoughts turn to new beginnings. And naturally… to possible new projects. But I’m thinking before I start planning new things I need to take stock again of the goals I set for myself […]

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Jared (son #2) and his girlfriend, Karina, invited us all over to their place yesterday for an all-day crab fest. Yes, that’s what we know as a cangrejada. So I thought I would share a few images today of some typical Ecuadorian seafood.

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Christmas Collections

Over the last week we had a long holiday (from Wednesday on) which I used to do some computer housekeeping (over 65 GB in patterns alone to back up!) and some more Christmas sewing.

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