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Oh, oh… one more!

In case you were wondering why I would choose to make an inventory of accomplishments… no, it isn’t that I need pats on the back or that I’m in a funk about not doing enough. It’s just that I’m a somewhat structured person (ok, ok… just a little OCD) and I find it helpful to […]

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Christmas Collections

Over the last week we had a long holiday (from Wednesday on) which I used to do some computer housekeeping (over 65 GB in patterns alone to back up!) and some more Christmas sewing.

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Christmas Hodge Podge

My latest EQ Boutique collection is out! It has been so much fun to participate in this latest venture sponsored by the Electric Quilt Company.

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Thank you sale

Earlier in the month I wrote about the new My EQ Boutique. Since then, quite a few new collections have been posted. If you haven’t stopped by recently,  you should really check them out.

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Announcing the My EQ Boutique, along with a giveaway!

The Electric Quilt Company has launched a new website called My EQ Boutique, offering traditional and contemporary downloadable quilt and block patterns that you can print in ANY size you want.

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It feels like Christmas

Summers usually are a slow time of year for me. But not this year. In fact, the last few weeks have been very busy as I juggled work with visits from relatives.

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Christmas in July

Boy, this has been a busy week, getting files prepared for posting and images all in order. As a reward (that’s how I see it), my *baby* brother is in town for a visit. Which was one of the reasons why I wanted all my patterns for this month finished and ready to go, so […]

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A little summer break

I’ve got jingle bells ringing through my head, even as I sleep! Time to remember  the actual time of year. I’m not headed to the beach (yet), but am enjoying the warmer weather.

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Mid-year is right around the corner!

And that means that Christmas in July is quickly sneaking up on me. Which explains my relative silence here over the past few days… I am madly drawing and patterning. (Is that a word?)

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Vintage Keys

As you know, I draw a lot. I draw so much, there is no way I could sew all the quilts I design. I’ve been doing this long enough that I now just know when a pattern works, and when it needs tweaking before publishing it on our website.

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Enough with the sweets!

I finally finished a new block library for EQ users. I had drawn quite a few “sweet” blocks last year, but not near enough to build a library.

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Calorie free treats

Cooking is not my number one favorite thing to do. I would rather bake, but even that seems to happen only around Christmas time. Yet for the last couple of days I’ve been doing my own version of baking. And I’ve just pulled out some yummy cupcakes and cakes from my oven. 🙂

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In a drawing frenzy

There are periods where it seems all I do – day and night – is draw, draw, draw. Ideas come to me, and I feel compelled to get them all drawn before I forget them. This is one of those weeks.

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