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Earlier in the month I wrote about the new My EQ Boutique. Since then, quite a few new collections have been posted. If you haven’t stopped by recently,  you should really check them out.

I have something to share about my own collections at the My EQ Boutique, but first I have a little story to tell to explain why I am tickled pink about them.

When I first started my pattern club website with my son Jared, he was my #1 adviser as to designs he thought we should be offering, based on the trends he could see attracted visitors to our website. And even though the deeply changing seasons are not a part of our reality here in Ecuador, it was always clear to us that seasonal patterns were a big hit among our users. And we aim to please. But when it came to Halloween, I pretty much balked. Until then, I had no been a big fan of this celebration.

Jared argued with me that this wasn’t about me and what I liked, but about what our users wanted. And he pretty much “ordered” me to come up with some Halloween designs. I wailed. “I can’t draw something I don’t like,” was my complaint. “So find something about Halloween you do like, and draw that,” was his calm reply. He’s a wise young man… So I started drawing witches. I love witches. 🙂 (If you don’t believe me, just take a look at our Halloween wall hanging section. Thirteen out of the eighteen projects offered are of witches!) I don’t know when exactly it happened, but over time came to realize I had started to love Halloween.

Which brings me back to my current (exclusive) collections at the My EQ Boutique, and to what admittedly is some completely blatant and shameless self-promotion. You see, in addition to the first two Halloween collections offered initially (Creepy Cupcakes & Witch Boo-tique), my latest Halloween collection has been posted and, as it turns out, is one of my most favorite ones ever. What do you think?

I had so much fun drawing this collection, I didn’t want it to stop. And I got thirsty, too, so included recipes for each drink. So much fun.

But enough about me. Because there are soooo many other fun collections to choose from. Personally, I would really be tempted to get these two:

But don’t take my word for it… check out these and so many other collections yourself. And do it NOW, because there is a 20% discount on any collection through this Sunday. Just use the coupon code below. Enjoy!



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