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Mixed Media: Yogurt Lids & Fabric

I stumbled across a really interesting video yesterday, and I just knew I had to share it.  Take a look, and now tell me… isn’t that cool?

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A little decorative stitching

I am a completely self-taught quilter. Because there is no quilting tradition here in Ecuador, and because my trips back to the U.S. tend to be short and far between, I have not had the opportunity to attend a fair or take a quilting class.

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The latest in BOMs

Our free BOM listing continues to grow! There is an amazing number of new projects this yearm and although I’m sure nobody can follow them all, there is certainly something for every taste.

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Be Inspired

I’m loving my long holiday weekend! Because I now actually have something to show! Being able to set time aside not only to sew, but to actually finish something gives me such a sense of accomplishment. 🙂

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Carnival Weekend

As in many other countries of the region, this is a long holiday weekend here in Ecuador, celebrating Carnival. A lot of people leave the city, particularly to go to the beach. As to myself, since I live my life doing what I most enjoy, the idea of going off on “vacation” is a strange […]

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Measure it!

I’m thinking I might just have to think my position on following a BOM project. If I say so myself, our Itching to be Stitching project this year… is turning out to be fun!

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Free Motion Quilting Resource… on sale!

I have seen on quite a few blogs a real focus on free motion quilting this year. If you, too, are looking to improve your FMQ skills, you might be interested in this video from the Interweave Store… available right now on sale (70% off!!!).

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Pin it!

This last week turned out to be another busy one, this time centering around visiting guests. Still, I did manage to get a wee bit of sewing in.

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Graduation weekend

My sweet, sweet Jamie (the youngest of my three children) graduated from college this weekend. With highest honors at that: Summa Cum Laude. As you can well imagine… I’m bursting at the seams. 🙂

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