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New and old; thoughts on friendship

My friend Leni

Leni is German. We have been friends since… forever. 1985. (Is that right?) That’s a long time. She always was (has been, is, will be) my “comfortable” friend. We could talk about anything… in the most convenient mish-mash of English, Spanish, and German… with a little French and Portuguese thrown in now and then. Just […]

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A Recap of the Holidays

This was my Jamie’s first year away from home at Christmas time. In fact, this is the longest we have ever been separated. And I’m sure anyone who has been away from home at Christmas can identify with the homesickness and nostalgia.

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Thanksgiving Thursday

Thanksgiving is not a holiday here in Ecuador. As a family, however, we do try to get together and celebrate this part of our heritage. Since it is a regular working day, we have found it best to have our Thanksgiving dinner in the evening.

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On Friendship and Making Soap

How often have you heard that phrase: “You can choose your friends, but not your family.” I don’t know, however, if that statement is really true. Sometimes people actually turn their back on family, but that’s not my point here.

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On Timeless Friendship

BJ, Beej, BeJota, Bobby John… all different ways of calling a well-loved, longtime friend. We met in 1980 (at the same time I met my best friend Jim). For the next couple of years, he was one of my closest friends. No, more than that… he was my little broie.

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Best friends and goodies

My closest, dearest friend in the world has been here for a visit. Jim and I have been friends for almost 30 years now… wow! We live thousands of miles apart (he lives in Seattle), yet time and distance have not been an obstacle to share and support each other through life’s joys and struggles.

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