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Halloween around the corner again

Over three weeks ago I started working on several Halloween projects. When I work on any one particular project involving several similar but separate elements, I usually draw and draw and draw, and then select my favorites from all those drawings.

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Thanksgiving Thursday

Thanksgiving is not a holiday here in Ecuador. As a family, however, we do try to get together and celebrate this part of our heritage. Since it is a regular working day, we have found it best to have our Thanksgiving dinner in the evening.

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Nice Thanksgiving

Twelve of us altogether, half of them Jamie and her college friends. Half of us quiet and mellow, the other half quite a bit louder – you can guess which half. Good food, good conversation, nobody overate, and in general we had a really nice evening. Not too late because son #1 had to be […]

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Preparing for Thanksgiving

As you may or may not know, I come from what I describe as a “mish-mash” family: half of my family born in the U.S. and the other half in Ecuador or other Latin American countries.

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