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Define Success

One of the things I’ve been mulling over as I look back at these last eleven years is whether or not I’ve been successful in what I set out to do. And I started to realize “success” is rather an abstract concept, and not easy to define.

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And from quilting teacher to quilt designer

You have probably heard many people’s stories about how they had to moonlight to start up their own small businesses, working regular jobs by day and developing their new business by night and on weekends. My experience was no different from theirs.

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Cold and wet

According to the weather forecasters, over two weeks ago the winter season was coming to a close and the rains were to begin to stop. Since then, it has rained every single day. All over the country. 🙂

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A quilt exhibition

Another walk down memory lane… May 2003. Yes… this is a month of reminiscing.

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From conference interpreter to quilting professional

Before I decided to become a full-time quilting professional, I had been working many years as a conference interpreter and translator. That was what I studied for; that was –at that time– my passion in life. And I loved it. I have plenty of fun stories about that period in my life, but those will […]

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Eleven years

Last week I lost a whole day somewhere. But what’s worse is that this week I seem to have lost a whole year!

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Regrowing lettuce

Every now and then I take some time to browse around Pinterest – gardening tips are some of my favorites!

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Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer

Cancer is a devastating disease that touches all of our lives – there is probably no one out there who hasn’t been affected by it in one way or another, either suffering it in one’s own body or having it touch the life of a loved one.

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If animals can do it…

… why can´t we? Live in peace, harmony, and love,  I mean.  You’ve probably seen it before… when brought up together as babies, different animals do get along together, right?

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Brrr… it’s cold!

There’s been very little sun around here the last few weeks. So I’ve basically been hibernating. And working, working, working!

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Craftsy Spring Sale

Oh, boy, oh boy! I hope you’ve been saving up your pennies, because you’re sure going to want to spend some $$$ this week!

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Holiday Sale on Quilting Classes

I am a self-taught quilter. Until recently, I had never taken a quilting class in my life. Part of the reason for this is that there were no quilting classes available where I live. Add to that the fact that I prefer to learn on my own, through tutorials or manuals.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is not celebrated in Ecuador, but it is a tradition for our family. So today will be not the last Thanksgiving to spend together, but the last family get-together we will share at my mother’s house here in Quito, were all big family celebrations have taken place for the last four decades!

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