Eleven years

2014-134Last week I lost a whole day somewhere. But what’s worse is that this week I seem to have lost a whole year!

Ok, so what happened is that May is the month we were planning to celebrate my 10 years of working as a professional quilt designer and teacher. A whole decade! Well worth celebrating, don’t you think? And then I started going through photos, and was shocked to realize that happened not ten years ago, but eleven years ago! How did I not notice this last year?

My only excuse is that the move from Quito and adjusting to a new life simply befuddled me and I obviously lost track of time somewhere along the way. And no, no suggestions that I am losing my mind are allowed… my kids say that happened a long time ago, so it can’t be an excuse. 🙂

In any case, it’s still worth while celebrating eleven years, don’t you think?


How? We will be offering several “goodies” throughout the entire month, so make sure to pop into our different websites frequently to see what’s happening on each one:

Angie’s Bits ‘n Pieces

The Applique Garden

Angie’s Quilt Pattern Shop

There will be surprises for all visitors, old and new. And all kinds of discounts. And in this space, on this blog… storytelling.

2014-135Starting tomorrow and throughout the whole month, I’ll share with you why and how I decided to take this path (believe me, it wasn’t an easy or overnight decision!). I’ll tell you about the satisfactions and the challenges… all those lessons learned. And about what drives me and keeps me inspired to continue with this line of work.

I hope this will be a fun month for you, too!


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