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Shopping for wool

I hadn’t been downtown for a couple of months. In fact, the last time I went was the week before Jamie left. I finally made it down there yesterday. Every time I find myself in the colonial part of the city I am reminded of how beautiful it is.

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Fun appliqué sewing

The percentage of how many designs I actually sew as compared to what I draw is very small. Which is why I live vicariously through others. It’s fun when someone sends me a photo of their finished project based on one of my patterns.

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Last week for soap making

I squeezed in some time yesterday for another batch of soap. This could very well be the last for this year, although I’m still tempted to make more. It’s so much fun!

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In love with organza!

Probably one of the most fun sewing experiences for me this year have been those involving fabric collage using organza. Over the last few months I have purchased a few yards in different colors to use in some of my projects. Quite fun!

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Rain and a Second Try

My youngest brother, who lives in Omaha, writes to me today that they had snow yesterday and today and it’s cold, cold, cold. Coincidentally, it has been raining here in Quito yesterday and today, which is typical for what we know as “winter weather.”

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Challenging week and some pretty weird knitting

I am one of those people who get very impatient with illness. I come from a family that does not tolerate headaches or minor ailments. Which means when someone gets sick it’s serious. For colds and other minor conditions, you’re pretty much on your own and have to grin and bear it. (I think this […]

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