Challenging week and some pretty weird knitting

I am one of those people who get very impatient with illness. I come from a family that does not tolerate headaches or minor ailments. Which means when someone gets sick it’s serious. For colds and other minor conditions, you’re pretty much on your own and have to grin and bear it. (I think this is because since we do not often get sick, when we do we’re terrible patients!)

So I certainly do not want to bore you with the ways my body has begun to fall apart on me (some people call it aging; I call it betrayal). Just to say I have a treatable medical condition. The treament, however, seems to be harsher than the disease and I have had a very strong (read: painful) reaction to the medication. I am told in time these symptoms will improve. In the meantime, I’ve had a miserable week moaning and groaning to myself while waiting for the side effects to wear off.

To keep myself entertained, I have tried to concentrate each day on uploading a small project to the main website. And then I have spent a lot of time in bed, mostly watching TV and snoozing. Even so, I have a hard time staying still, so I decided this was the perfect time to get some knitting projects done to send to my sweet Jamie. She tells me the temperature is starting to cool down in Massachusetts. Summer is definitely over and this child, used to temperate weather, is soon going to begin to experience cold like she has never known.

So I decided to make her some long gloves. This was from a vintage pattern, and I thought she might like something extra long. So far, so good. At some point, though, I must have been so muddled I counted something wrong and did not leave the number of stitches required for the index finger. I knit what I thought was the index finger, but by the position it looks more like it would be the third finger. And then I had all these extra stitches left behind it!

What a mess! I figured the best solution would be to make this a fingerless glove and bind off the stitches, except for that one lovely finger. Time to ask Jamie what she thinks. She tells me she likes the length, but does not favor that one finger over the rest and, as much as some people might get a kick out of a one-finger glove, she would like to have all her fingers nice and toasty.

Time to do some ripping out…

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