Rain and a Second Try

My youngest brother, who lives in Omaha, writes to me today that they had snow yesterday and today and it’s cold, cold, cold. Coincidentally, it has been raining here in Quito yesterday and today, which is typical for what we know as “winter weather.” It has been a long, dry, dusty summer, so this rain is a relief. Looking out my back window, however, it’s hard to believe it’s raining. You can’t tell in this picture, but the rain is coming down steadily! The ground is so dry it soaks up the rain immediately. If the rain continues, however, this picture will hopefully change in a couple of weeks and the ground should be green, green, green!

Back to my misshapen glove, I took it apart last night and found my mistake. This works now… I hope you approve, James. Now I have to finish the second glove and put this pair in the mail!

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