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I like this purse!

Although strangely a new experience, I must say it’s kind of nice to find myself this close to Christmas not running around trying to finish things. Of course, there are no cookies to show off this year, and no last-minute gifts to rush through…

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Making my own fabric

With our family reduced to a mere trio for Christmas this year, I haven’t done my usual baking and decorating. These are activities I prefer doing with the kids. For myself, I’ve put one little tree up in my studio, along with a few decorations and a pink poinsettia I bought myself over the weekend.

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Christmas sneaking up!

I had a tiny panic attack Wednesday night when I realized our sewing circle would be meeting the following day for the last time before Christmas. Because of the hectic season, we have fallen into the habit of getting together between Christmas and New Year’s for our own holiday celebration, which involves a whole day […]

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What to do while waiting for the electricity to come back on

It’s been well over a month now of energy rationing. Initially it was to have ended by Dec. 1, then Dec. 15, and now we’re told “hopefully” by Christmas Eve. Patience. At least the rationing in my neighborhood takes place in the morning. Sitting in the dark at night is no fun.

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Faith – an Amazing Embroidery Project

While doing some blog browsing earlier today I came across this absolutely spectacular project. Over a three-year period, and with the work of almost 260 volunteers, this project reproduces a woman’s 17th-century linen waistcoat lavishly embroidered in silk and gold. Simply amazing.

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Day of shaking, banging, thudding and noise!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before how privileged we are in where we live. It is unusual in a metropolitan city to be able to live on a large property like ours, with lots of green. If you were to look down from an elevated area, you would easily be able to spot us […]

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Making my own cording

I am easily sidetracked. Which means it sometimes takes me longer to get something done than it should have. On the other hand, sometimes that sidetracking takes me down an interesting path!

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Playing with texture

Over the past year and a half, every time my friend Mariangela has traveled either to the U.S. or to Italy, she has brought me back some very interesting sewing supplies. For many of you, particularly in the U.S., these materials might probably be well known, as they are readily available in the U.S. market. […]

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Good reading

We are still experiencing electricity rationing. The government announced last night that it will probably last until the third week of December. We were supposed to get cut this morning, but that didn’t happen. I don’t know why, but I’m not complaining!

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Another Thursday

Our sewing circle yesterday was quieter, though as fun as usual. It’s amazing how one person can make such a difference in a group – we are already missing our friend Mariangela.

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