Making my own cording

I am easily sidetracked. Which means it sometimes takes me longer to get something done than it should have. On the other hand, sometimes that sidetracking takes me down an interesting path!

While rummaging through my presser feet I realized there are several I’ve had for a couple of years now that I have never tried out. I decided I should really take the time to do so… it could only take a little of minutes.

I decided to start with a cording foot. In theory, this little foot would allow me to couch up to 7 cords at a time. So I pulled out the drawer with cords… and then realized why I have never used this foot: I have not been able to find the tiny cording needed to be able to use this foot. What is available commercially is way too thick – even if I were to unravel the thinnest one it would still be too thick to put through the cording foot holes…

Ok, so I have to admit I’ve been missing out on something by not using this foot. I can definitely see that I will be making good use for it in future!

Here comes the sidetracking part. The thread used for this couching is rather thin, although perfect for using with the cording foot. But that got me to thinking of how to resolve the problem of wanting/needing heavier cording for embellishing purposes, particularly when I make fabric collage.

The light bulb suddenly went off… why not make my own? I found I have three different weights of cotton string, so I started to experiment, covering several lengths with different threads: cotton, rayon, silk. And before I knew an hour had fled by. But I now know I like this and what works: which weight of string and what threads work best.

Sidetracking certainly pays off sometimes! Not only have I discovered something new, but I have nourished my creative side today! Check out this closeup of these little beauties!

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