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Rose of Sharon

I have now finished the second UFO I committed to this month. I’ll probably get one more done this weekend, but it looks like I’ll be falling short from the four I had planned. I’m not going to pound on myself over that, however. I’m just happy to have gotten this far!

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Meet Astrid Prayag, an international quilter

As you may have noticed by now, the common challenge international quilters face in countries where quilting is not a tradition is finding appropriate fabrics and supplies. Most often, they face additional (and high) shipping costs, sometimes paying more for that than the product itself . Astrid, our invited guest today, knows this only too […]

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Liebster Blog Award

I was tagged over the weekend by Wayne Kollinger for the Liebster Blog Award. Now normally I wouldn’t participate in a tagging game, but this time I was intrigued, for two reasons.

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Follow Friday: Make a Boob

Nina Lise is from Norway. Also known as Mrs. Moen, she took it upon herself last year to start a support and awareness raising project related to breast cancer.

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One (UFO) down, three more to go

At least with regard to February. I’m hoping that by breaking these down by months I will actually get (all???) my UFOs finished… this year?

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To quilt or to applique?

I’m thinking it’s best to get moving on my UFO projects, while I have them on my mind and am motivated to get them finished. And I could use a little feedback here!

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Taking stock of UFOs

I know a lot of people sit down at the beginning of the year (usually January) and decide what to do with unfinished projects, whether that be to actually finish them or donate them.  I’ve never done this, because (so I thought) I pretty much finish what I start within a *decent* time frame.

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More on soft toys, whiffle balls, and jingle bells

I got some really helpful feedback on my question about what to use to make a soft ball (or other toy) jingle.

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Four new mug rugs

This week has been a busy one. And fulfilling. Because in spite of the “busyness” there has still been time to sew… and to draw!

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Follow Friday: Crafty Storage

Let’s face it. We tend to accumulate. Fabric, threads, batting, stabilizers, embellishments, books, magazines, patterns… and on and on. And we can just as easily get disorganized with all the “junk” we set down here or there in our hurry to get on with the sewing.

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Meet Theodora Badra, an international quilter

Theodora certainly is an “artsy” person. Not only does she quilt, but she also paints and collects art, and does needlepoint. For a living, she runs an art and framing store with her husband. Oh, yes… Theodora is from Greece.

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How do you make a soft toy jingle or rattle?

My favorite, quick gift for a baby is a soft fabric ball. Quite often when I have odd fabric scraps left over, I cut them into the different shapes I need for a ball and collect them in a basket until I have enough to make a ball.

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A finished afghan

At last I have finished my crocheted afghan. Actually, it’s not mine. It’s meant for Alexia’s room… to use whenever she’s here. Again, it certainly feels good to finish a project!

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