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Quilting friends around the world!

U.S. Residents Only

I don’t feel comfortable when reading “ranting” posts. I would much rather focus on the positive than on the negative. And if bothered by something, I think acting –doing something– tends to be more constructive than complaining. So please bear with me –and forgive me– for what I am now about to do. Believe me, […]

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Meet Astrid Prayag, an international quilter

As you may have noticed by now, the common challenge international quilters face in countries where quilting is not a tradition is finding appropriate fabrics and supplies. Most often, they face additional (and high) shipping costs, sometimes paying more for that than the product itself . Astrid, our invited guest today, knows this only too […]

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Meet Theodora Badra, an international quilter

Theodora certainly is an “artsy” person. Not only does she quilt, but she also paints and collects art, and does needlepoint. For a living, she runs an art and framing store with her husband. Oh, yes… Theodora is from Greece.

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Meet Irene Pratdesaba, an international quilter

Irene is relatively “new” to the quilting world, but that hasn’t stopped her from taking advantage of every opportunity offered to learn and grow. An avid quilter, she sews and sews and has quite a collection of projects already under her belt.

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Meet Geta Grama, an international quilter

You probably know her already, and probably even visit her blog. Because Geta is well-known for her amazing shadow trapunto  quilts. Here she shares some insights with us about how she got started quilting, and the challenges she faces in a country with no quilting tradition.

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From lonely quilter to being part of an international community

As I shared in my three-part post earlier this month (here, and here, and here), I am a self-taught quilter. This certainly had its advantages… and its disadvantages, too.

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