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A little art quilt

I am quickly discovering that the longest part of the process for me in making an art quilt vs. a traditional quilt is deciding on the concept. Take my latest little project.

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From the mouths of babes

Our friend Susy brought her 6 year-old granddaughter (also named Susy) to our sewing circle this week. And for four hours this tiny little soul sat patiently with us, doing her own thing and –as we we were soon to see– quietly listening and taking it all in.

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A little summer break

I’ve got jingle bells ringing through my head, even as I sleep! Time to remember  the actual time of year. I’m not headed to the beach (yet), but am enjoying the warmer weather.

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Mid-year is right around the corner!

And that means that Christmas in July is quickly sneaking up on me. Which explains my relative silence here over the past few days… I am madly drawing and patterning. (Is that a word?)

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Pyramid Purse

My techie son Jared has been after me for quite a while to learn to make video tutorials. I kept putting it off, mainly because I thought the learning curve would be rather high and I would need to set a good chunk of time aside to learn. As usual, he was right, and I […]

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A graduation gift

I was given a reprieve on the gift-making front. One of the birthday celebrations was pushed back a week, and Jamie decided she wanted to wait to celebrate her friend’s graduation one-on-one, sometime this week. So I had a couple more days to ponder on what to make.

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Lynn’s Handy Helper

I am lucky when it comes to visitors to my blog. You give me some great feedback, and more than once have helped out with ideas when I am stumped.

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Searching for gift ideas

This is a week of birthdays and graduations. And –naturally– I would like my gifts to be handmade.

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Vintage Keys

As you know, I draw a lot. I draw so much, there is no way I could sew all the quilts I design. I’ve been doing this long enough that I now just know when a pattern works, and when it needs tweaking before publishing it on our website.

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Top 3 reasons for following a blog

I use Google Reader to organize and read all my RSS feeds. It’s so convenient. So much so, over time it seems it has become way too easy to subscribe to far too many blogs. It has come to over 1,000 feeds in a day, and that’s just too much for me.

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How to make a silk thread knot

You’ve heard the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” If that is true, I’m wondering how many words a video is worth? Hmmm….

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