A little art quilt

I am quickly discovering that the longest part of the process for me in making an art quilt vs. a traditional quilt is deciding on the concept. Take my latest little project.

I wanted to make a little piece as a housewarming gift for some artsy friends. I knew an art quilt would be preferred over a traditional design, so I started pulling out bits and pieces of fabric I have hand painted or done other experimenting with, as well as other odds and ends I’ve been collecting to use in art quilts. When it comes to traditional quilts, I design them in EQ7, so have a very clear picture of where I’m going, including my fabric selection. For an art quilt, however, the process involves a lot of playing. And so, consequently, I end up creating quite a mess. It took this…

…to arrive at this, with only four little pieces of fabric, some remnants of yarn, a few bottle caps and some beads.

Now I have to go clean up. Groan!

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