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The things I experience living in Ecuador, and in Quito in particular.

An interesting view of the city

We just ended a long holiday weekend here in Quito. December 6 is the anniversary of the Spanish foundation of the city. For many people, this involves four or five days of festivities… bullfights, parades, and dancing in the streets.

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Once Again, Old Town Quito

Jamie and I met up again yesterday for our monthly rendezvous in the Old Town. Normally we go down in the morning, but Jamie had a workshop so we agreed to meet at the trolley station at noon. By the time we got downtown, it was past one o’clock, so lunch was naturally the first […]

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Trying to return to normality

I just want to thank all of you who have written expressing concern over the events of the last week here in Ecuador. Once again, it is wonderful to be part of such a caring community.

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A sad, sad day for my country

Today (actually yesterday, Sept. 30) I had set aside to work on my prize for the Fall into Fall giveaway blog hop (follow the scarecrow in the sidebar for more info and to follow the blogs in this hop). Instead, I spent a large part of the morning waiting to hear from my children as […]

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The many forms of art

With Jamie back home and back in school, we have once again slipped into our normal routines. This means that (as often as possible) Friday is the time we take to spend together. And at least once a month that involves a day downtown, in the colonial part of the city. So that is precisely […]

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Girls’ Day Out

We took some time out yesterday for a girls’ lunch out at Jamie’s favorite restaurant in town: La Terraza del Tártaro (steak & seafood). Alexia is still at the beach with her dad, so it was Jamie, my mom, daughter-in-law Karina, and me. We’ve been going to this restaurant for as long as I remember […]

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Plastic surgery? What for?

Friday we finally made our way downtown with the kids. The ultimate objective was to buy some yarn and have lunch in this beautiful, colonial part of town. Which we did. And made a few rather odd purchases while we were at it. I had my camera with me, yet managed to forget to take […]

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Produce Market, Campus Tour, and a funny cart

My favorite cousin is in town for a few days visiting his dad, who just happens to be my favorite uncle. So the last couple of days have involved catching up… between soccer games. 🙂

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Dulce de higos (fig preserves in syrup)

The last week has been all about family. And soccer. And no, I haven’t sat around watching three different soccer games a day, except for the weekend. 🙂 But there’s at least one match a day that HAS TO be seen and, when time allows, up to three. In between we have played games, cooked […]

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Hooting Owls

Now that the dove wallhangings are finished, my friends have become busy with their new owl projects. I thoroughly enjoy being able to see them work on one of my designs… it is particularly fun to see how each one evolves differently.

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Silver jewelry

In a previous life (as an interpreter) I was required to dress up for work. This meant I collected suits and shoes as well as briefcases and purses. I also collected jewelry, went to the hairdresser on a regular basis, and used make-up every day.

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More Care Packages

Evenings I enjoy knitting, and this week I’ve been working on a a couple of hats for Julian and Alexia. Last night I finished them and will pop them in the mail today, along with the lobster claw and bug mittens I made for Julian last week.

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At the Handicraft Market

Our friends Jess and Charles needed to make one last visit to the handicraft market before heading back to Boston after the holidays. Naturally, I went along for the ride!

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