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Notebook Covers

Several years ago I took a fun, fun class on drawing faces on fabric, offered by Lauren Vlcek, through The Quilt Show.

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More Scrappy Placemats

Slowly working through my stash of scraps, I found a whole bunch of odd, long strips.

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Scrappy Placemats

I am still working through my pile of leftover scraps, and to my delight finding wonderful ways to use them all up.

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Scrappy Potholders

I had so much fun making this scrappy lap quilt, I decided it was about time to start sorting through all the leftover fabric scraps accumulated over the years from a gazillion different quilting projects.

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A scrappy lap quilt

Last week, while dusting/cleaning my sewing studio, I came across a bag that apparently went through three different moves from one house to another without ever being opened up and unpacked.

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When life gives you scraps…

Whenever I see someone post a tip on “how to use your fabric scraps” I go running to see. Invariably I’m wrong. You see, it seems my concept of what scraps are is different from others’. Scraps for me are what other quilters –no matter how frugal– throw away.

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Using a serger for quilting

I bought a serger at the same time I purchased my latest sewing machine. I’ve used it off and on, mainly to make pencil cases and a couple of bags. I’ve loved using it for these few items, but –admittedly– it’s been underused. So this week I decided to really delve into all its possibilities.

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You will recall a couple of days ago I posted about some of my scrap busting efforts, including  a couple of pieces in which in addition to itty bitty scraps of fabric I had included bits of thread and yarn.

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And talking about scraps… and Christmas…

I came across a little project that combines itty bitty scraps with Christmas! And it involves two favorites of mine… circles and trees!

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Saving scraps: when is it enough?

For someone who complains of not having enough time to sew, I sure seem to be able to accumulate scraps! Truth be told, I think that’s because I save everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Quilting quality fabrics are hard to come by here, so I am always trying to find ways to economize.

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Quick and easy gifts to make from fabric collage

Now that all my *big* gifts are finished, wrapped, and ready to go, I have been focusing on small, quick gifts. You never know… it’s always good to have a few on hand.

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And yet another idea for FMQ samples!

This week I’ve been working on a new quilt. It’s all pieced and today I was ready to start machine quilting it. I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted to quilt it, but wasn’t quite sure about what color thread to use. Time to audition a few.

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Fabric Candy?

These days most of my time seems to be taken up in teaching. I keep forgetting to take my camera and take photos of the shop where I teach – thought you might like to see how we go about finding our quilting supplies here (kind of like a scavenger hunt). I’ll try to remember…

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