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Sweet Wildflowers

The only quilting magazine I subscribe to is Quilting Arts. I like the fact that they offer a digital edition –oh, so ecological, in addition to instant gratification– which makes it completely affordable for those of us outside the U.S.

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Rose of Sharon

I have now finished the second UFO I committed to this month. I’ll probably get one more done this weekend, but it looks like I’ll be falling short from the four I had planned. I’m not going to pound on myself over that, however. I’m just happy to have gotten this far!

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One (UFO) down, three more to go

At least with regard to February. I’m hoping that by breaking these down by months I will actually get (all???) my UFOs finished… this year?

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To quilt or to applique?

I’m thinking it’s best to get moving on my UFO projects, while I have them on my mind and am motivated to get them finished. And I could use a little feedback here!

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Completely Insane!

Meaning… I’ve finished my wall hanging. It always feels good to finish a project, so I’m doing the happy dance. Check it out!

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Insane About Baltimore: Block 1

I often get comments about how small some of my designs are. All I can say that there are two reasons for that: ignorance and the lack of wall space for larger projects!

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Ready. Set. Go BOMs!

On January 1st we will be posting the first installment of our first BOM series for 2011. Then there will be a second BOM… and a third. While you wait, you can begin to gather and even cut some fabrics. Check it out!

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Little snow globe patterns

I’m still on a designing roll. 🙂 And I know there isn’t much time for lengthy quilting projects this close to Christmas, but I think we can still squeeze some small ones in… I can’t help but think how much fun it is to decorate the house with small, whimsical decorations.

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Computer issues!

You’ve heard the expression… “Every cloud has a silver lining.” So that’s my motto for the day!

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Lovely Larkspurs

August was the month to share a (member) tutorial on 3D larkspurs, as part of our Dimensional Flower BOM series. Normally I post the technique, with step-by-step photos of the process. Then there are times such as this one that I feel compelled to complete a project with the finished samples. So today I “threw” […]

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Between one project and another, Alexia has finished her little wall hanging. This little piece has been important in her quilting experience because it has involved learning new techniques. To begin, the background fabric was one of the pieces she prepared with tie dyeing. She added a few tiny scraps of fabric and ribbon in […]

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Cancer Awareness Wall Hanging

This year I have been trying seriously to finish UFOs that have been sitting around literally for years. It’s hard when what I would like to do is start new ones, but enough is enough! I don’t know if I will actually be able to finish the year with zero UFOs, but at least I […]

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My favorite quilt

This post is part of the Bloggers Quilt Festival, sponsored by Amy’s Creative Side. Click on the image to the left to see the other participating blogs. I took up quilting as a “serious” hobby in 1995, and since then have made many, many quilts. So many, I’ve lost count. As I work on a […]

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