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I’ve really been itching!

Summer is right around the corner! And I don’t know about you, but this year is really zipping by too quickly for me!

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Be Inspired

I’m loving my long holiday weekend! Because I now actually have something to show! Being able to set time aside not only to sew, but to actually finish something gives me such a sense of accomplishment. 🙂

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Carnival Weekend

As in many other countries of the region, this is a long holiday weekend here in Ecuador, celebrating Carnival. A lot of people leave the city, particularly to go to the beach. As to myself, since I live my life doing what I most enjoy, the idea of going off on “vacation” is a strange […]

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Measure it!

I’m thinking I might just have to think my position on following a BOM project. If I say so myself, our Itching to be Stitching project this year… is turning out to be fun!

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Pin it!

This last week turned out to be another busy one, this time centering around visiting guests. Still, I did manage to get a wee bit of sewing in.

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An old project revisited

I don’t know if this happens to you, too, but sometimes when I look at some of the first quilts I made… I cringe. And in spite of the saying that practice makes perfect, I personally never feel I really “get there” with my quilting. And although I am always tempted to push myself a […]

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Christmas sewing and knitting revealed

You will recall that during December there was very little I was able to share in the sewing/quilting/knitting department, as I was working on “top secret” Christmas presents. I am happy to say that not only was I able to make all the presents on my list, but I actually finished them on time, with […]

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A very blessed Christmas

2011 was a particularly good year for me, and there are many, many things I am grateful for. Including so many of you wonderful online friends. You have been enthusiastic and so supportive of my endeavors, and that is a constant encouragement for me.

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Oh, oh… one more!

In case you were wondering why I would choose to make an inventory of accomplishments… no, it isn’t that I need pats on the back or that I’m in a funk about not doing enough. It’s just that I’m a somewhat structured person (ok, ok… just a little OCD) and I find it helpful to […]

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At long last: Vintage Keys

I always reserve a hand sewing project to work on when my sewing circle meets on Thursdays. And in my defense, that’s my excuse for not having finished this little project sooner. You see, we hardly met all summer, and so it has taken me nearly four months to complete this little key holder.

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A little art quilt

I am quickly discovering that the longest part of the process for me in making an art quilt vs. a traditional quilt is deciding on the concept. Take my latest little project.

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My Dream House

This is my entry for the Spring 2011 Bloggers’ Quilt Festival, sponsored by Amy’s Creative Side. Click on the button in the sidebar to see other participating blogs.

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Yo-yos and beading

And a few sequins to boot. The last few days have been taken up by pretty mundane tasks. (And a girl has to work, after all!) So my little quilt was moved to the back burner for the time being.

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