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A week of “radio silence”

No, I haven’t fallen off the planet. Nor have I gone over the edge with the planned-for-but-in-reality-deep-felt absence of Jamie and the kids. Although I have to admit this first couple of days since their departure I felt a little lost. I mean.. it’s so QUIET around here!

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Farewell lunch

My awesome mother made a wonderful lunch yesterday to wish Jamie and the kids farewell and a good trip today. The day seemed to suit the mood: all travel arrangements had been completed and although there was some packing left, everything had been assembled and there was nothing left to do but enjoy the warm […]

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Finished projects and creepy kids

Sewing with kids is really fun. As compared to most adults, they are fearless. I have discovered that certain precautions are important… such as slowing down the speed on the sewing machine a bit, because they really like to let it rip.

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A little knitting, a little sewing…

The kids came back from the beach yesterday afternoon and we are all now busy finishing our projects together and enjoying the last few days before their departure this weekend. In between there are games to be played, movies to be watched, outdoor activities and even some cooking together.

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Little travel projects

The kids have gone to the beach with their dad over what is a long holiday weekend here in Ecuador. So it’s been quiet… just Jamie and me. Nice, as we enjoy these last few days together before her departure this upcoming Sunday.

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Lovely handicrafts

In preparation for Jamie’s upcoming trip and year in the U.S., a shopping spree at the local handicraft market was necessary. The variety of beautiful handmade items is a reminder of one of the advantages we have living in Ecuador.

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Healthy Envy

Hmmm… is there such a thing as healthy envy? Well, this is an expression we use a lot in Spanish to indicate admiration for another person’s accomplishment. And in our Thursday sewing circle we find we use it repeatedly when it comes to our friend Mariangela.

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A trip downtown

We all agreed it was about time for a day downtown, so we climbed into a cab and headed off for some fun time in the colonial part of the city. It is due to the preservation of this sector in Quito that it was designated by UNESCO (along with Krakow) as the first Cultural […]

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Even with the grandkids here and a lot of hustle and bustle over the weekend, I managed to make a little sewing time and finished this little art quilt. This is the second piece Jamie will be taking with her to decorate her dorm room during her year abroad (you can see the first here).

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The spirit of quilting

In our sewing circle this week personal projects were set aside and our time together centered on a collaborative effort: marking a quilt top for our friend Mariangela. I took a couple of pics and then forgot about it until this morning, when I remembered I had several pictures on my camera I hadn’t unloaded […]

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