Little travel projects

The kids have gone to the beach with their dad over what is a long holiday weekend here in Ecuador. So it’s been quiet… just Jamie and me. Nice, as we enjoy these last few days together before her departure this upcoming Sunday.

I’ve been putting together and/or finishing several sewing and knitting projects Jamie has asked for, to help her on her trip and over the next year ahead, particularly for the winter months. Get this: Jamie has never seen snow! Well, living in Massachusetts will certainly expose her to cold and snow, wouldn’t you say?

I put together a little travel “wallet” for her. Since she’s travelling with two kids plus their dual citizenship, that’s quite a few passports she has to carry. This way she can keep them all in order and on her body, leaving her hands free for grabbing suitcases and/or kids.

Jamie also wanted a little camera case in her favorite color, so I quickly put this little case together this morning.

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    Just being nosy- Your blog says that Jamie is off to Massachusetts. Is she going to school in Boston? I ask as that is where I went to school and it is such a great place to learn and of course have fun…I wish you both the best as it will be a big adjustment on both ends!

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    For her own protection I won’t give exact details but no, the school Jamie will be going to is not in Boston, but near enough so she can get to the city frequently. She was granted a fellowship as part of an international exchange program and didn’t have a choice as to where she would be sent. But Boston was where she wanted to be, so she’s really happy with the way things have worked out. Angie