Finished projects and creepy kids

Sewing with kids is really fun. As compared to most adults, they are fearless. I have discovered that certain precautions are important… such as slowing down the speed on the sewing machine a bit, because they really like to let it rip.

Today we’ve been concentrating on Julian’s project. He’s a big Oblivion fan. If you don’t know what that is, go ask your grandchildren. I had to. Anyway, he wanted to make a wallhanging of his character in this game. When I asked him who that was he pointed me to one. You can see an example here. I told him there was a limit to what Nanny could and would do when it comes to drawing weird characters. He was kind enough to let me off the hook with the logo of the game. I also figured it was closer to his abilities.

This particular logo is supposed to look like stone, with red cracks. We found an adequate fabric, although without the cracks. So Julian painted them in.

He really likes to fly with the sewing machine.

And the finished wall hanging…

Alexia also finished the little wallhanging for her friend. This was certainly a more ambitious project, not only with regards to the appliqué design, but also the fact that she actually quilted the piece. This was her first try at free motion quilting, and she did a wonderful job.

While Julian was sewing I stood behind him to watch him sew and help him along whenever necessary. At one point I bent over and my long hair fell over his head. He thought that was pretty funny and got the idea of using my hair as a wig. That led to a photo shoot, also involving Alexia. Creepy kids.

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