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Can this get any cuter?

I must say, it really is fun watching my friends’ progress as they work on a project together. Every week brings surprises, and I am always in awe of their magnificent appliqué skills. Today has been no exception. Just check these hooting owls!

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More on crustless asparagus-quinoa quiche

A while back I posted a couple of recipes using my favorite grain/cereal:  quinoa. Our friend Irene (who lives in Guatemala) went looking and was able to find quinoa at  a local supermarket. Unfortunately, the price was also pretty steep, so she decided to go home without it.

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Organizing my fabric stash: fat quarters

Since I do a lot of appliqué and EPP, my fat quarter collection is the part of my fabric stash that seems to have grown the most. For me, the most logical way to organize was by color families, plus my stacks of novelty prints, florals, and homespuns.

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Collecting Fabric… how much is too much and how to store it?

Quite obviously, my passion for quilting stems from my love of fabrics. There is such satisfaction in walking into a fabric store and touching different textures and enjoying the color play of stacked bolts of fabric. And they do call to us, you know… (“take me home, take me home!”).

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Sewing studio organization

I am no different from you. I, too, collect fabrics. And thread. And sewing machines. And tools. We are probably also alike in that we would rather invest in these things than in expensive furniture and containers in which to store them. So our sewing areas often consist of a collection of mismatched furniture and […]

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EQ7 is on the way!

The news is out! The Electric Quilt Company will soon be launching (early June) version 7 of its quilt design software. As you know, this is the software I use to design my patterns. I had a hard time even trying to imagine how it could bet any better than version 6, but as usual, […]

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Hooting Owls

Now that the dove wallhangings are finished, my friends have become busy with their new owl projects. I thoroughly enjoy being able to see them work on one of my designs… it is particularly fun to see how each one evolves differently.

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A little machine quilting

I haven’t had much time to sew these last few days. And it was almost two weeks ago that I sandwiched Jamie’s quilt and then had to set it aside. It seems there are just never enough hours in the day to get everything I want done. Sigh.

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Last finished Dove and a fun day of sewing

This past Thursday our friend Luchita brought her finished Dove wall hanging to share. I just love the way each wall hanging turned out so differently because of the different fabrics each of my friends chose. Isn’t this a cheery Dove?

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Quilting at a distance

It’s Thursday again! And my friends will be arriving shortly for our weekly sewing circle. I decide to finish a couple of things on the computer, and when I check my mail I find a new message from Mariangela, with photos of the project she is currently working on.

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Jamie countdown

It’s still a ways off, but in my mind I’ve started to count the days until Jamie will be home again. Still  another couple of  months away, but that’s nothing, right? Just about enough time to start getting ready for her return. (-:

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Silver jewelry

In a previous life (as an interpreter) I was required to dress up for work. This meant I collected suits and shoes as well as briefcases and purses. I also collected jewelry, went to the hairdresser on a regular basis, and used make-up every day.

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Happy Easter

Here’s to hoping your weekend is fun and relaxing, too, whether spent with family or in silent contemplation.

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