Last finished Dove and a fun day of sewing

This past Thursday our friend Luchita brought her finished Dove wall hanging to share. I just love the way each wall hanging turned out so differently because of the different fabrics each of my friends chose. Isn’t this a cheery Dove?

Luchita does a lot of needleturn appliqué, but on those tiny pieces she opted for blanket stitch. And she added a lot of beads and other embellishments on her project!

This week everybody is working on owls. Everybody but me, that is. I insist on doing my own thing. (-: We really do spread out, don’t we? And, of course, there always has to be LOTS of lovely coffee!

Elena setting up her trusty sewing machine. She is the only one who absolutely refuses to do hand work. (-:

And I chose to keep working on my little hexagon table topper this week. Only one more row (outside) to go and I will be able to hand quilt this one!

There are actually two other “ladies” who have been joining our group the last couple of weeks. Usually they are doing their own thing out in the yard. But now that winter has finally set in here (very, very late!), they are spending most of their days indoors. Fortunately, they are very well behaved and sit to one side (next to my computer desk) and watch quietly as the group sews. Please meet my dog Josie (the Golden Retriever on the left), and Jamie’s dog Alyssa (the Golden Lab on the right). Now aren’t they the sweetest? (-:

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