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Spring 2010 Bloggers’ Quilt Festival Give-Away!

I’d like to thank all of you who visited during the BQF and left comments on my post about My Brother’s Garden quilt. We have drawn five names from all of those who left comments, who have won my tutorial for Dimensional Sweet Peas (PDF format) and my Two Peas in a Pod pattern.

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Quilters’ Acronyms

Do you get confused with all the acronyms and short-had terms used in quilters’ forums and chat rooms? Want to know what BRB, FWIW, SABLE, and OBW mean within the quilting context?

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Fabric all organized

This actually happened a while back, and I did take photos, but with other things happening have just not blogged about this. So, to end the chapter on fabric organization… Nothing has changed with regard to my shelving system.

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Ballerina craze

Ok, so something you should know about me is that it’s a little dangerous to ask me for a “special” design. Why? Because I get carried away and don’t always know when to STOP! One of our members asked me for a ballerina design a few weeks ago. I have just now gotten around to […]

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More hooting owls

I’d almost forgotten to share these from our sewing circle last Thursday. This is the latest on my friends’ owl projects… aren’t they cute? They sure are moving along with this project!

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My favorite quilt

This post is part of the Bloggers Quilt Festival, sponsored by Amy’s Creative Side. Click on the image to the left to see the other participating blogs. I took up quilting as a “serious” hobby in 1995, and since then have made many, many quilts. So many, I’ve lost count. As I work on a […]

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Watermelon Slices!

If you haven’t stopped by yet, this is the latest pattern posted on our website! Just in time for summer!

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More on banana cake

A couple of weeks ago I shared (here) on some banana cake my mom made one day for my sewing circle. Since then she has corrected me: I had stated one of the ingredients was flour, and she has pointed out there is no flour (or sugar) in this recipe. So I tried it myself […]

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Help with fraying in your appliqué project?

Every time someone comes down to Quito for a visit I take advantage and have them bring down what I consider are my essential notions and supplies. This time my brother was kind enough to pack a little bag of goodies for me I had ordered and had sent to him. For someone who doesn’t […]

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Little 3-D Sunflower Wall Hanging

As part of our Dimensional Flowers series I put together a little tutorial this month for 3-D sunflowers. Instead of filing the samples away, I decided instead to put this little wall hanging together.

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Back to blogging!

As you can see, we have my new blog up! I hope this will be a friendlier setup, not only easier for you to get around but also to interact with me and other quilting friends! Leave your comment any time you like. And if you have a blog, don’t forget to include the url […]

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A framed quilt

About three years ago I lent a quilt to the U.S. Embassy here in Quito for a travelling exhibit on U.S. culture. It went north and south and even to the beach! It seems this particular quilt has seen more of the country than I have!

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Too much fabric?

In my last post I was feeling pretty good about myself, thinking I was pretty much done with all my fabric organizing. If you recall, I was just trying to figure out how to store a *small* stack of fabric samples given to me by my friend Sari.

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