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Settled in

Kinda. Or maybe not. In any case, it’s been nearly three months since I last posted, which seems rather revealing about how long it’s taken (or, rather, is still taking) me to adapt to new surroundings.

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Moving to the country

I do much better with certainties. 🙂 We now have a clearer picture as to where we all will be living… at least for the immediate future.

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New beginnings

The property where we live has been in my family for over forty years. Four generations of our family have lived here during this period. This is where I grew up, and where I have raised my own family the last 22 years.

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Spring cleaning and a wedding

No, I haven’t fallen off the deep end. Yet. 🙂 Just have been really, really busy.

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Graduation weekend

My sweet, sweet Jamie (the youngest of my three children) graduated from college this weekend. With highest honors at that: Summa Cum Laude. As you can well imagine… I’m bursting at the seams. 🙂

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Christmas sewing and knitting revealed

You will recall that during December there was very little I was able to share in the sewing/quilting/knitting department, as I was working on “top secret” Christmas presents. I am happy to say that not only was I able to make all the presents on my list, but I actually finished them on time, with […]

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A finished quilt

We had a really nice Christmas. . This year it was about family. Yet even our “little family” still involved 10 people! 🙂 And now that all the gifts have been delivered, I can reveal the sewing and knitting that took place during November and December. That is… of those items I actually remembered to […]

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Jared (son #2) and his girlfriend, Karina, invited us all over to their place yesterday for an all-day crab fest. Yes, that’s what we know as a cangrejada. So I thought I would share a few images today of some typical Ecuadorian seafood.

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A creature of habit

The last few weeks have been hectic. With school starting up in early September, it has taken a bit of time to organize schedules (everyone in this household has been on a different one!) and get into a routine. I’m not sure I’m quite there.

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A week in a nutshell

It’s been eight years since so many family members (on my Ecuadorian dad’s side) gathered together in one place. Last time there were over 100 of us, so we decided to hold a one-day reunion at a park. This time the number was closer to 40… in part a sad reflection of how many have […]

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Mother’s Day Every Day?

I hope you had a lovely, lovely day with your kids. From the comments some of you left yesterday, it seems you did. 🙂 And if everyone had a day like mine, I’m sure you’re wishing it was like this everyday!

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Trying to get back to normal

As usual, things rarely go as planned. The good news: Jamie’s recovery has gone better than expected. Within two days she was almost back to normal, getting around on her own and requiring little help.

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Easter Break

Jamie underwent eye surgery late Wednesday afternoon. The up side: once the healing completes, her vision should pretty much be perfect. Which is great news for someone as young as she is.

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