Quick and easy gifts to make from fabric collage

Now that all my *big* gifts are finished, wrapped, and ready to go, I have been focusing on small, quick gifts. You never know… it’s always good to have a few on hand.

By now you are probably quite aware I don’t like to throw any scraps of fabric out, no matter how small. And probably my favorite way to use them is by creating new fabric. This is the latest I had put together, in anticipation of an opportunity to work on some small gifts. (Just click on the links if you are interested in any of the tutorials.)

Tutorials for fabric collage here and here.

Probably my favorite small gift to make and give is my Ultimate “Anything” Case. It is oh, so practical, and when I have pieces of fabric collage like these embellished, quilted and ready to go, I can sew one of these up in under 15 minutes! And people love them! Just can’t go wrong here.

I also like making my own fabric covered buttons

and cording.

So another fun gift this year has been these CD sleeves. Aren’t they just lovely?

Even after having “recycled” bits and pieces of fabric into fabric collage, after cutting the collage up for these projects there are new scraps. Fewer, that’s true, but still scraps. What to do with them? Cut them up into inchies, of course!

And after that… whatever is left over really does go into an empty pillowcase, where it is collected to make pet beds.

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