An embellishment project

One of the things I promised myself when I moved out of town was that with all the “extra” time I would now have I would get a lot more sewing time. Ummm…. that hasn’t quite happened yet, at least not as I expected. But I am moving in that direction now.

In preparation for all this sewing time I envisioned I would be having, a couple of months ago I treated myself to a subscription to The Quilt Show. And I finally got around to exploring  just what that membership entitled me to! Besides the shows themselves, what I find appealing are the classrooms. Having never had the opportunity to take a quilting class in my life, it’s been fun discovering what this site has to offer.

So this weekend I decided to take an online class. Mind you, it was initially offered over a period of several weeks, but since all the lessons are posted I decided to do it all this weekend. This particular class is called “Fabric Fancification,” and is taught by Lauren Vlcek. It is basically an embellishment class, and I was probably drawn to it by the fabrics she used. I love her color combinations and have pretty much used the same myself.

So I’ve spent the morning with the sewing, quilting, and playing with machine decorative stitches, and plan on spending the rest of the day (or weekend?) finishing this little piece.

Ah… it feels so good to sew, doesn’t it?

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