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What’s going in with those I love the most


Between one project and another, Alexia has finished her little wall hanging. This little piece has been important in her quilting experience because it has involved learning new techniques. To begin, the background fabric was one of the pieces she prepared with tie dyeing. She added a few tiny scraps of fabric and ribbon in […]

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Girls’ Day Out

We took some time out yesterday for a girls’ lunch out at Jamie’s favorite restaurant in town: La Terraza del Tártaro (steak & seafood). Alexia is still at the beach with her dad, so it was Jamie, my mom, daughter-in-law Karina, and me. We’ve been going to this restaurant for as long as I remember […]

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Summer crafting!

Jono left early this morning with Julian and Alexia for a week of beach fun. So this is my chance to catch up with some work and some blogging. It certainly has been fun for me to have the kids here, and we have tried to fit something crafty in every day, which means days […]

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Making Sushi

This family LOVES Sushi! But we rarely eat it because it is so expensive. So this weekend Jared (DS#2) and Karina took it upon themselves to teach us all how to make it. And are we excited about how fun and how easy it was to do… why the heck is it so expensive to […]

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Bigger Ambitions

One of the things I enjoy the most of having the grand kids here is being able to share artsy time together. I myself did not have a quilting mother or grandmother to show me the ropes, so sharing this knowledge with grandchildren is certainly very rewarding. I can easily envision how they, in turn, […]

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Witchy girls

Jono, Jamie, and the kids all took off on Saturday for an overnight stay in Mindo. So I had a whole day of quiet time to myself! So what did I do? I drew a little, caught up on some work, watched the last two soccer games of the World Cup, and crocheted a couple […]

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Plastic surgery? What for?

Friday we finally made our way downtown with the kids. The ultimate objective was to buy some yarn and have lunch in this beautiful, colonial part of town. Which we did. And made a few rather odd purchases while we were at it. I had my camera with me, yet managed to forget to take […]

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Produce Market, Campus Tour, and a funny cart

My favorite cousin is in town for a few days visiting his dad, who just happens to be my favorite uncle. So the last couple of days have involved catching up… between soccer games. 🙂

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Book quilt and a Jamie countdown

After completing her two terms away at a college exchange program, my “baby” Jamie will be coming home a week from tomorrow! Yay! And she will be bringing Alexia and Julian back with her for their two-month summer vacation. Double yay!

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Bug Mittens

I had a long conversation over the phone yesterday with my favorite (and only!) grandson, Julian. He is now 8, and quite a delightful young man. Oh, so full of information about his interests, including movies, games, dogs, riding his bicycle and music. He even “writes” his own songs in his head and plays them […]

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Amazing Technology

As I sit writing this, my daughter is sitting on a plane in the Milwaukee airport, taxiing to the runway and soon to lift off. How do I know this? Because for the past few hours I have been keeping her company via Skype.

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A Recap of the Holidays

This was my Jamie’s first year away from home at Christmas time. In fact, this is the longest we have ever been separated. And I’m sure anyone who has been away from home at Christmas can identify with the homesickness and nostalgia.

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Farewell lunch

My awesome mother made a wonderful lunch yesterday to wish Jamie and the kids farewell and a good trip today. The day seemed to suit the mood: all travel arrangements had been completed and although there was some packing left, everything had been assembled and there was nothing left to do but enjoy the warm […]

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