Summer crafting!

Jono left early this morning with Julian and Alexia for a week of beach fun. So this is my chance to catch up with some work and some blogging. It certainly has been fun for me to have the kids here, and we have tried to fit something crafty in every day, which means days have been busy. Blogging certainly has taken second place. But I’d like to share at least a little of what we’ve been doing.

Before the kids arrived I did a little online searching for fun activities we could do together. By far, my favorite blog for fun crafting activities to do with the kids (including a ton of recycling and upcycling ideas!) is the Creative Jewish Mom. Her ideas just go on, and on! Such as this oh-so-simple-yet-oh-so-cool idea for wall decor using toiled paper tubes. We all got into this one. Think also simple star ornaments (painted gold).

We also made these really cool “frosted” jar candle holders and hung them in the living from the ceiling, in several strategic places. Really pretty at night… Will try and post tutorial for these. Soon. 🙂

Julian hasn’t been much into sewing this year. But fabric dyeing is a different story. He REALLY gets into that. Especially when shaving cream is involved!

I know… I offered this last summer and never got around to it. But I promise I will try to put up a tutorial this week!

Both kids really got into tie dyeing. The both dyed a couple of  T-shirts each, plus several pieces of fabric for sewing projects. This was so much fun we all agreed that as soon as they get back from the beach we will have to go and buy a ton of  T-shirts and try some other techniques, too.

Unlike Julian, Alexia continues to learn and improve her sewing/quilting skills. One of the things she has been determined to do this summer is to learn to machine quilt. So as soon as the tie dyed fabric was dry she started working on a new wall hanging for her bedroom. So far she really likes using the Supreme Slider and Quilting Halo and is discovering how much fun machine quilting can be!

I don’t want this summer to end!

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