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What’s going in with those I love the most

Mother’s Day Every Day?

I hope you had a lovely, lovely day with your kids. From the comments some of you left yesterday, it seems you did. 🙂 And if everyone had a day like mine, I’m sure you’re wishing it was like this everyday!

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Trying to get back to normal

As usual, things rarely go as planned. The good news: Jamie’s recovery has gone better than expected. Within two days she was almost back to normal, getting around on her own and requiring little help.

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Easter Break

Jamie underwent eye surgery late Wednesday afternoon. The up side: once the healing completes, her vision should pretty much be perfect. Which is great news for someone as young as she is.

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Christmas holiday recap

Two weeks sure fly by quickly. Alexia and Julian are leaving tomorrow – their visit certainly went by with a blink of an eye.

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Christmas has *officially* begun!

Julian and Alexia arrived  late Wednesday evening. So none of us got to bed until the wee, wee hours of morning. Yesterday became a day to rest and relax…

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Jamie and NaNoWriMo

This post has nothing to do with quilting. And everything to do with my lovely and incredibly talented Jamie.

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A weekend to catch up!

All of a sudden I feel like I have really fallen behind with work related (and personal!) activities! It seems we took a lot of photos this summer, so before they fall by the wayside I feel I really need to sort through them, trash the bad ones, organize the good ones, print those that […]

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Is this why I quilt?

Whenever asked why I quilt, the answer that comes out right from the gut is: “Because I have to.” There are so many other activities in life that I thoroughly enjoy; quilting is something beyond even that, an expression of self… And then there are all those other many (and valid) reasons: I love fabric, […]

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Homemade Fettuccine

Alexia and Julian will be returning to the U.S. tomorrow. It’s hard to believe the summer is practically over and everyone will be back in school next week. So to celebrate one of the most fun summers ever, and to wish our sweet kids a safe trip, we are having a family get-together today. And […]

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Girls’ Beauty Day

Yesterday the five generations of “girls” in our immediate family trooped off together for a morning of primping and pruning. So here are some pics of all my pretty girls. 🙂 My mom is the only one with really short hair. So she just breezed in, had her hair cut in under 10 minutes, and […]

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One cheesy quilt!

Well, not really. Actually, not at all. Just a little play on words to describe Alexia’s latest production. Her quilt is now finished, washed and spread out on her bed, waiting for her return from the beach. I blame her mother for her quirky sense of humor. I mean, have you ever seen a quilt […]

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Fabric Bangles

Among the many reasons why it is so much fun to have the kids here this summer is because every day there is something crafty going on. These kids are good for me in that way. Yesterday was a particularly crafty day, after the shaving cream fabric dyeing and flower pounding with Julian in the […]

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Flower Pounding

I think I’ve already mentioned that this year Julian just has not been as interested in sewing as in earlier years. What he has been enthusiastic about has been preparing fabrics for sewing. Today we did a little more fabric dyeing with shaving cream, for a small pencil case I will be making him for […]

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