Homemade Fettuccine

Alexia and Julian will be returning to the U.S. tomorrow. It’s hard to believe the summer is practically over and everyone will be back in school next week. So to celebrate one of the most fun summers ever, and to wish our sweet kids a safe trip, we are having a family get-together today. And naturally there is food involved and a festive spirit.

The occasion called for a new learning activity, under the direction of Auntie Jamie. We all discovered making pasta is certainly fun!

Naturally, it really helps speed up things when there’s a handy pasta machine available. And, as you can see, things go even faster with three sets of hands involved. Stretching the dough only takes a couple of minutes, so everybody gets a turn at every of the steps involved.

Before you know it, we’re ready to cut the pasta, and this only takes a few seconds more.

Oops! Did something get stuck in there?

The cut pasta is laid down on floured dishtowels to dry a little…

And then each individual strand is rolled into a gentle nest for easier handling. After several hours (or overnight) drying, the pasta will be ready to be cooked.

Two different types are shown here (plain and tomato). Jamie is making a third – parsley, and three different sauces will be simmering on the stove this morning to accompany them.

Don’t they just look yummy?

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