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Activities with a special group of friends

Change of sewing venue

Our friend Elena invited us to her house last week for our Thursday sewing circle. She lives in one of the valleys that surround Quito, and with the heavy traffic up and down that road (the same one we take to the hospital, remember?) it takes a while to get there. So a visit to […]

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Dove progress

Another Thursday and another gathering of our sewing circle. My friends arrive around 9 o’clock and after the usual greetings we settle down to sew. Naturally, show and tell comes first. Bachita, Susy, and Luchita are certainly making progress on their Christmas Dove projects.

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More sewing with friends and a blackout

Another Thursday and another gathering of our sewing circle. Have I mentioned I love Thursdays? And yesterday was special because we had our friend Mariangela back with us, albeit for only a few weeks because she will be returning to Italy before Christmas.

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Fun appliqué sewing

The percentage of how many designs I actually sew as compared to what I draw is very small. Which is why I live vicariously through others. It’s fun when someone sends me a photo of their finished project based on one of my patterns.

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Sewing with friends

Two of our friends are traveling at the moment. Mariangela is back in Italy for a few months, and Bachita has traveled to the U.S. for the birth of a grandson. So our sewing circle was quieter this week… although still very productive.

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Healthy Envy

Hmmm… is there such a thing as healthy envy? Well, this is an expression we use a lot in Spanish to indicate admiration for another person’s accomplishment. And in our Thursday sewing circle we find we use it repeatedly when it comes to our friend Mariangela.

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The spirit of quilting

In our sewing circle this week personal projects were set aside and our time together centered on a collaborative effort: marking a quilt top for our friend Mariangela. I took a couple of pics and then forgot about it until this morning, when I remembered I had several pictures on my camera I hadn’t unloaded […]

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Thursday sewing circle

Well, our friend Mariangela is certainly on a roll and, as usual, outsews us all. Today she arrived with more projects to share. Another quilt for one of her kids, a sewing machine cover for herself (oh, so cute), and a wonderful purse she made following instructions from the book Omiyage: Handmade Gifts in the […]

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Friends embellish, too!

During our Thursday sewing circle our friend Susy shared the project she had been working on this week: a quilted, embellished journal cover for her knitting notebook. She used lace, eyelet, buttons, paints, and tons of little beads to decorate her project. Lots of patience!

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Productive friends

My Thursday sewing circle met again this week, as usual. And, as usual, there was a lot to share and ooohing and aaahing as we admired each other’s work. A lot seemed to have happened this week as we shared of our lives, with all the joys and concerns of everyday living, which makes this […]

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Mariangela is back

Our friend Mariangela traveled back to her native Italy several weeks ago. Since then, we have corresponded by e-mail and have talked on the phone a couple of times… but it’s not quite the same. So we were delighted to have her back this week – the group always feels someone’s absence, and it’s nice […]

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Embellishing challenge

Back in February, our friend Elena prepared some little blocks for each one of us in our sewing circle as a Valentine’s Day gift. The blocks are all the same, and her idea was that we all finish them to our liking. In the end, these blocks symbolize the thread of friendship that binds us […]

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Thursday Sewing Circle

Thursdays are always special because that is the day my sewing circle meets at my house. Yesterday we seemed particularly excited because we hadn’t met last week due to the Easter holiday. Elena had not been able to come to our last meeting and Mariangela has been gone for several weeks

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