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Activities with a special group of friends

Hooting Owls

Now that the dove wallhangings are finished, my friends have become busy with their new owl projects. I thoroughly enjoy being able to see them work on one of my designs… it is particularly fun to see how each one evolves differently.

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Last finished Dove and a fun day of sewing

This past Thursday our friend Luchita brought her finished Dove wall hanging to share. I just love the way each wall hanging turned out so differently because of the different fabrics each of my friends chose. Isn’t this a cheery Dove?

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Quilting at a distance

It’s Thursday again! And my friends will be arriving shortly for our weekly sewing circle. I decide to finish a couple of things on the computer, and when I check my mail I find a new message from Mariangela, with photos of the project she is currently working on.

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Bachita’s finished dove

Another Thursday. More fun sewing with friends. Not the least of which is that on these days we get to talk to our friend Mariangela. Not as good as having her here with us, but nonetheless we are sure grateful for the technology that allows us to keep in touch.

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Thursday Sewing Circle

Another week… and more busy sewing in our little circle of friends. And progress, too, as we finish projects. Luchita has finished her dove quilt. All that was left (and which she finished now) was the binding.

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Time for the owls

My friends in my sewing circle have all decided to sew the Life’s a Hoot! BOM this year. As with the dove project, it will be fun to follow their progress and see how each walhanging turns out. Bachita started hers first, and has her tree appliquéd. She is now starting to work on the […]

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Thursday sewing

Now that two of the dove projects are finished, my friends have started (or gone back to) new projects! Although Bachita has finished her dove project (well, except for the binding), she didn’t bring it with her. Hopefully she will next week so we can post photos of the finished project.

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One finished dove

Susy was the one person in our sewing circle this last week who was able to finish her Dove project. Well, except for the eye, that is, which she quickly fixed by sewing on a button.

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Quilting the Doves

For different reasons, our entire sewing circle had not been able to meet for over three weeks. In between, it’s just been a couple of us at a time, waiting for things to settle for our friends so we could return to our Thursday get-togethers. That finally happened this week.

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Dove Progress

This week has been filled with computer work: designing and cleaning out my trusty machine. Jared is putting a new computer together for me, which finally pushed me to do some pretty necessary housekeeping, sorting out and deleting old files and folders.

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Christmas sneaking up!

I had a tiny panic attack Wednesday night when I realized our sewing circle would be meeting the following day for the last time before Christmas. Because of the hectic season, we have fallen into the habit of getting together between Christmas and New Year’s for our own holiday celebration, which involves a whole day […]

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Another Thursday

Our sewing circle yesterday was quieter, though as fun as usual. It’s amazing how one person can make such a difference in a group – we are already missing our friend Mariangela.

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Thanksgiving Thursday

Thanksgiving is not a holiday here in Ecuador. As a family, however, we do try to get together and celebrate this part of our heritage. Since it is a regular working day, we have found it best to have our Thanksgiving dinner in the evening.

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