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2010 was a Very Good Year!

Ever since I decided to turn my love for quilting into a professional endeavor, year in and year out I have had the impression that I sew/quilt less than when it was a hobby. I might have been mistaken, as I have never before made an “inventory” of what I have been able to accomplish […]

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Ready. Set. Go BOMs!

On January 1st we will be posting the first installment of our first BOM series for 2011. Then there will be a second BOM… and a third. While you wait, you can begin to gather and even cut some fabrics. Check it out!

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Christmas holiday recap

Two weeks sure fly by quickly. Alexia and Julian are leaving tomorrow – their visit certainly went by with a blink of an eye.

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My Christmas Gift to You

Thank you for your support throughout what was for me a wonderful 2010! My best wishes to you during this holiday season, that it may truly be a time of enjoyment of the more meaningful aspects of this celebration. And may 2011 be a year of inspiration and joy for us all!  ~Angie & family~ […]

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10 Gift wrapping ideas

I’m just popping in for a couple of minutes to say “hi.” I am sure we are all quite busy these days. I am focusing on family: baking, gift wrapping, putting up the Christmas tree and decorating, etc. You won’t *see* much of me these days until after New Year’s… I want to make the […]

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The Digital Story of the Nativity

Can’t help myself… just have to share… Merry Christmas, and watch out for the Romans!

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Christmas has *officially* begun!

Julian and Alexia arrived  late Wednesday evening. So none of us got to bed until the wee, wee hours of morning. Yesterday became a day to rest and relax…

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The cutest little gift envelopes you have ever seen!

Ok, I’m biased. Because these little envelopes came to me as an *inspiration* a couple of weeks ago. I was going to make a couple of the hexagon shapes for stocking stuffers, and then started wondering what other shapes would look like. And, as usual, I had a hard time stopping.

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Quick and easy gifts to make from fabric collage

Now that all my *big* gifts are finished, wrapped, and ready to go, I have been focusing on small, quick gifts. You never know… it’s always good to have a few on hand.

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BOM Sneak Peek

We’re ready. During November and December I’ve been drawing and drawing. And over the last couple of weeks I’ve been organizing all those designs into what will be our 2011 BOM projects.

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Follow Friday: Under the Table and Dreaming

I’m sure there are a ton of quilting blogs you already follow. And I do want to continue sharing some of my favorites. In truth, I seem to follow more non-quilting than quilting blogs. Why? Because they are an endless source of inspiration.

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How to repurpose tiny scraps for a fun Christmas project

My grandma on my dad’s side was a pack rat. After she died, when we went to clean out her house, we found carefully organized drawers full of nails, screws, nuts and bolts… you name it. She could have opened a hardware store.

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An interesting view of the city

We just ended a long holiday weekend here in Quito. December 6 is the anniversary of the Spanish foundation of the city. For many people, this involves four or five days of festivities… bullfights, parades, and dancing in the streets.

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