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English Paper Piecing Tutorial

Way back in July I promised my friend Pearl I would put together a little video tutorial on how I do English Paper Piecing. I didn’t think it would take this long, but I’ve finally done it. (I guess that means we have finally gotten into a routine around here, and I am actually getting […]

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Pyramid Purse

My techie son Jared has been after me for quite a while to learn to make video tutorials. I kept putting it off, mainly because I thought the learning curve would be rather high and I would need to set a good chunk of time aside to learn. As usual, he was right, and I […]

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Lynn’s Handy Helper

I am lucky when it comes to visitors to my blog. You give me some great feedback, and more than once have helped out with ideas when I am stumped.

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How to make a silk thread knot

You’ve heard the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” If that is true, I’m wondering how many words a video is worth? Hmmm….

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How to reduce your waistband in under 5 minutes

Now don’t go getting all excited on me, thinking I’ve got a great miracle diet going on here. I said waistband, not waistline! 🙂

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Quick and easy gifts to make from fabric collage

Now that all my *big* gifts are finished, wrapped, and ready to go, I have been focusing on small, quick gifts. You never know… it’s always good to have a few on hand.

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Follow Friday: Under the Table and Dreaming

I’m sure there are a ton of quilting blogs you already follow. And I do want to continue sharing some of my favorites. In truth, I seem to follow more non-quilting than quilting blogs. Why? Because they are an endless source of inspiration.

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How to repurpose tiny scraps for a fun Christmas project

My grandma on my dad’s side was a pack rat. After she died, when we went to clean out her house, we found carefully organized drawers full of nails, screws, nuts and bolts… you name it. She could have opened a hardware store.

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Fabric origami star

One of the fun things about this time of year is seeing how other people are creatively inspired. And although I cannot spend as much time blog hopping as I would like, I do make it a point to spend a few minutes every day (okay, half an hour!) checking out creative Christmas crafts.

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May your bobbin always be full

For this week’s Follow Friday I have a REAL TREAT to share with you? Are you ready? Make sure you have lots of time for this one, because I promise you’re not going to want to move from your seat until you explore this blog in depth.

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Follow Friday: Blue Cricket Designs

Once again, today is not really about quilting. Except in as peering into another creative mind will often spark ideas in our own. And that you can relate to quilting.

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Christmas Gift Tags

Those of you who have been following me for a while know I LOVE to make fabric collage. I always figure it’s a fun way to indulge in my love of fabric… by making even more fabric! So with Christmas on the brain, I thought I would take a little time to make some gift […]

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How to Master the Frog Stitch (as painlessly as possible)

As a community, quilters are known for their positive attitudes and even humorous outlook on life. As a beginner quilter, I quickly learned that there was a whole new language to learn, that pretty much reflects quilters’ quirkiness. Frog stitching was one of the first terms I would have to become familiar with, and a […]

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