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More finished afghans

My friends and I continue to work on crochet projects. Not during our Thursday meetings, but in the evenings, when the light isn’t the best for sewing, but good enough for knitting or crocheting.

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How to make a “green” airtight bag sealer

I love to learn new things. In fact, I have a personal goal to learn one new thing each day. Sometimes these are *big* things, like a new quilting technique or learning a new platform for my website (something my techie son has me working on lately!). But most days my new learning is about […]

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Castle Garden

It only took me another month, some self-doubting and a lot of hemming and hawing… but I finally finished another UFO. Yay for me! 🙂

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Lucky breaks

As you know, for those of us who quilt in countries where quilting is not a tradition, the biggest challenge is finding suitable fabrics and other materials needed for this art form. But every now and then we get really, really lucky.

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Sweet Wildflowers

The only quilting magazine I subscribe to is Quilting Arts. I like the fact that they offer a digital edition –oh, so ecological, in addition to instant gratification– which makes it completely affordable for those of us outside the U.S.

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Follow Friday: Drawspace

Are you itching to design your own applique or art quilts but hesitate because you don’t think you have the ability to draw? Think again!

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Talented friends

During our Thursday get-togethers I really enjoy seeing how my friends progress with their different projects.

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How would you quilt this?

In spite of my good intentions, I only finished half of the UFOs I had planned to complete in February. I won’t be hard on myself – perhaps I was too ambitious. My aim for March, however, is to at least complete the two projects I wasn’t able to work on last month.

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Killing me softly: some ideas are to die for!

While I have been hibernating, not only have I taken time off from blogging, but I haven’t been following anyone over the last few weeks. So this morning I decided to do some catching up, and check out what’s been going on on my favorite blogs.

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Out of hibernation

Over the past month the weather here has been cold, cold, cold, and wet. Now don’t get me wrong. I am quite aware that cold weather where I live in no way compares to the snow and freezing temperatures in other parts of the world.

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