Petunia’s Case

You know how it goes… You make plans and set goals, as I did for today. And then the interruptions come. Sigh. Oh, well. I was at least able to finish Petunia’s case, just as Jamie walked in the door from school this afternoon. So we tried it on and it fit perfectly!

And then I noticed… oops! I sewed the zipper to the wrong side! The case was supposed to open on top, but I sewed the zipper to the bottom!!!

Jamie pointed out it makes absolutely no difference (except in my head) on which side the zipper opens up. To her it’s all the same. She loves it, it fits snugly, and her precious Petunia is protected. That’s all that matters. So no, I will not unrip the zipper panel. It stays that way. As if it had always been planned that way. (-:

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