Cold and wet

2014-161According to the weather forecasters, over two weeks ago the winter season was coming to a close and the rains were to begin to stop. Since then, it has rained every single day. All over the country. 🙂 Read More »

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A quilt exhibition

2014-150Another walk down memory lane… May 2003. Yes… this is a month of reminiscing. Read More »

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Split-Applique Technique

2014-149I never really was into the shabby chic look. That is, until I started following Jenny Reynolds. Read More »

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Handy Dandy Kitchen Charts

2014-145Just came across a pretty nifty blog…. nothing to do with quilting, but you might find it useful for some pretty nifty charts! From S.B.LattinDesignRead More »

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From conference interpreter to quilting professional

2014-136Before I decided to become a full-time quilting professional, I had been working many years as a conference interpreter and translator. That was what I studied for; that was –at that time– my passion in life. And I loved it. I have plenty of fun stories about that period in my life, but those will have to wait for another day. (Remind me to tell how I once managed to fall asleep in a translation booth… while I was translating.) 🙂 Read More »

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Eleven years

2014-134Last week I lost a whole day somewhere. But what’s worse is that this week I seem to have lost a whole year! Read More »

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Using a serger for quilting

2014-125I bought a serger at the same time I purchased my latest sewing machine. I’ve used it off and on, mainly to make pencil cases and a couple of bags. I’ve loved using it for these few items, but –admittedly– it’s been underused. So this week I decided to really delve into all its possibilities. Read More »

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Untap your love!

2014-124I love, love, love TED talks. Not a week goes by that I don’t watch one or another of these videos. This is an important source of inspiration for me. There are times when one of these talks hits very, very deep. This particular one is does that. Read More »

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Stitch Bibles

2014-117Shortly before I moved I decided to upgrade my Brother sewing machine. I purchased a new model with more decorative and utility stitches than the previous one, and still light enough to carry around with me, if necessary. Read More »

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Foot warmer

2014-102Just as we thought the weather was beginning to start warming up a bit, we’ve been hit with rain again this week. It’s been cold and wet, so time again to do whatever necessary to keep warm. Read More »

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Oh, yeah!

2014-105  I did it. Followed my mom’s recipe step-by-step. And managed to do it all without burning anything! 🙂 Read More »

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Passing on the torch

2014-098Fanesca is the traditional Ecuadorian dish for Easter. It also happens to be my all-time favorite when it comes to Ecuadorian cuisine. I will never turn down an invitation to eat a bowl, regardless of who prepares it and what particular ingredients are included or left out. Except for “mellocos,” which you might have heard of as ulluco tubers.  Certainly not my favorite, and I will pick them out if included. Read More »

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A bit more on the extension

2014-096As I was going through my image folder I found some additional pics of the extension on my mom’s house I had completely forgotten. Read More »

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